The Weekend Course

A popular two and half day introduction to Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and practice, meditation and yoga. Teacher for this course is Geshe Nawang Tseten.

In this course:

  • Find out about the tools Tibetan Buddhism offers for leading a happier, more balanced life.
  • Learn how to deal with emotional up and downs in a more appropriate, relaxed way.
  • Explore how to change problems into opportunities through a simple thought transformation practice.

The course starts on Friday with dinner and a short introduction and meditation. Saturday and Sunday is a mixture of lectures, meditations and  several yoga sessions. This course concludes on Sunday afternoon at 5 pm. Optional yoga session on Sunday late afternoon and. Monday morning.

“Many religions teach the importance of universal love, but the question is, how do you develop that within yourself?  The first step is to develop a balanced mind toward all living beings; before you can attain universal love, you have to feel equilibrium with all beings in the universe.”   — Lama Thubten Yeshe

General Weekend Course Schedule

Day  1 (Friday)

5.00 pm     Check–in

6.00 pm     Dinner

7.00 pm     Introduction and short meditation

Silence after dinner till after breakfast

Day 2 and 3 (Saturday/Sunday)

7.00 am    Wake up

7.30 am     Hatha Yoga

8.30 am     Breakfast

9.30 am     Meditation

10.30 am    Tea break

10.45 am    Teaching

12.00 am     Lunch

1.00 pm      Self reading and walking meditation

2.30 pm       Discussion group

3.30 pm       Tea Break

4.00 pm       Teaching and Q&A

5.15 pm         Hatha Yoga

6.30 pm        Dinner

7:30 pm        Meditation

This course finish on Sunday at 8:30 pm .

(Check out on Monday )

* We request you to attend all sessions of the course.

* Keep the silence periods to receive the maximum benefit from the course.